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Can You Use A Massage Gun During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women have been using massage guns for decades to help them through their pregnancies. Using one of these devices, women can massage away the pain and anxiety of being pregnant.

The best way to get a massage while pregnant is with an express tool, such as a gun. This article explores how it works, the reasons you need a massage gun, and what precautions you should take before using this equipment during the baby's necessary development time. 

Are Massage Therapies Beneficial?

Massage Therapy For Pregnant Women

We all know the importance of exercise in maintaining physical health. Still, research has shown that therapy massage guns can also improve mental well-being. For example, one study found decreased prenatal depression rates among women who had received massages during their pregnancies. So it's clear, massage is good for more than just your muscle tone. It can help you with:

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Relieve swelling and fluid build-up
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Reduce pain and fatigue

One study found that pregnant women who tried therapy massage guns had lower levels of anxiety and depression than those given traditional care. Moreover, the benefits seemed to last even after the procedure, with most participants showing improvement in their moods within just one week.

So, all in all, muscle massage guns are a great way to improve your health and maintain the well-being of yourself or others. It has been shown that biochemical, physical, and psychological effects can benefit people in many different ways, including using a massage gun while pregnant as you need extra protection against viruses or bacteria during the pregnancy months.


Massage Gun vs. Physiotherapist Session

Pregnant Woman Exercising - Muscle Therapy During Pregnancy

When you're feeling aches and pains everywhere, it's time for some relief. A therapy massage gun can provide that with its rapid blood flow stimulation, or vibration triggers pressure points which reduce body pain by improving muscle relaxation in targeted areas of the body where there are problems, such as arthritis. Vibrating massage guns are safe during pregnancy, allowing you to get more relief. 

Percussive therapies also have benefits beyond just providing physical therapy. They condition muscles while increasing the range of movement. This technique has been used effectively within fitness programs because anything less than complete mobility might not be sufficient if you want to get back on track quickly enough.

It is important to consult with your doctor about the type and frequency of any form of massage therapy during pregnancy. Your healthcare professional will be able to provide you advice on what they think would best suit both the mother and the baby's development.

Still, you might be in a category that is not permitted to use muscle massage guns. If your doctor has given you a green flag for traditional or hand-massage, then this will work perfectly. However, there are a few things that you should consider when going for hand massages.

  • When using a massage gun while pregnant, you should only trust a licensed and certified massage therapist.

  • Before booking an appointment with them, make sure that the experience of each professional is verified by other clients as well.

  • Prenatal Massage Specialists will handle all those aches and pains better than any ordinary practitioner because they have specific techniques designed just for expectant mothers, including stretching movements that maintain muscle flexibility while also providing relief. 

  • If anything feels out of the ordinary, discomforting or unsatisfactory, then stop the sessions and contact your doctor immediately.

Safe Use Of Massage Guns During Pregnancy

The next time you need a professional massage, don't settle for anything but the best. It’s been proven that pregnant women can use massage guns when recommended, so make it a part of your healthy pregnancy journey. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly before starting; here are some safety tips:

  • When using a massage machine gun, go slow and steady.

  • Keep it on for an adequate time before moving onto another area, but don't keep using that same speed or pressure all day long.

  • Watch out for pain spots where there could be swelling-related issues, and if you notice any discomfort, stop immediately - better safe than sorry, right?

  • Make sure not to put unnecessary stress on your body by avoiding overuse around joints, bones, and nerves, which will cause damage more quickly than anything else, ultimately leading to injury.

Where To Avoid Using Massage Guns?

Avoid Using Muscle Massage Guns Here

It is only fair that many mothers ask: are vibrating massage guns safe during pregnancy? 

It’s important to remember that you should not touch some body regions to ensure the safe use of therapy massage guns during pregnancy. These zones may prove harmful for you and your baby- both inside & out. 

Here are the body areas that you should avoid massaging during pregnancy for additional safety.

  • Belly: When you massage the stomach and nearby areas during pregnancy, you must be aware of some dangers. For example, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself or the baby to avoid getting hurt by improper techniques used to massage. In addition, it would help if you also used anti stretch-mark cream with care. Hence, not to irritate this sensitive skin but rather help improve its appearance while maintaining health throughout all stages from conception until after childbirth.

  • Legs: When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes significant changes in preparation for childbirth. One change that leads to increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, is larger blood volumes from the pregnancy-related growth hormones. So, if you use a deep tissue massage gun on the legs, it will move the clot, thus posing a severe risk. 

When To Avoid Using Muscle Massage Machines?

Another question that comes to mind is: When not to use a massage gun? 

Women who are pregnant or have had children should be careful when using a massage gun. Pregnant women with certain conditions may not want any form of pregnancy massages at all, so make sure that you discuss your options first. Here are some of the conditions in which you should avoid massages.

High-risk Pregnancy: You should avoid using any muscle massage gun when expecting a preterm delivery or if your doctor has deemed the pregnancy - high-risk.

Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is a medical condition that can occur during pregnancy and affect the mother's blood pressure. It typically begins after 20 weeks gestation, but some women experience it as early as the 14 or 15-week mark in their pregnancies.

Deep Vein Thrombosis: It would be wise not to have massages on your legs to reduce the risk of blood clots. A person could potentially increase their chances of a critical condition if they receive this treatment because massage increases circulation and may cause embolism due to increased pressure. In addition, it could dislodge any clotting material, leading to dangerous situations such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary airflow obstruction, among other things, which is why using a massage gun while pregnant is complicated.

Gestational Diabetes: Pregnant women with certain conditions should always monitor their blood sugar levels to detect gestational diabetes. In these cases, therapy massage guns use is ill-advised until approval from the doctor first, and only then will it become safe for use on them.


What Else To Know?

Pregnant Women In Pain - Using Massage Therapy To Help

Pregnancy is a very stressful time for many women.  At this point, many people hesitate to go to a therapist and ask - can massage guns replace physiotherapists? 

Massaging is a powerful tool that can make this journey more comfortable. When you are pregnant, your body goes through an amazing change - it changes drastically and quickly. Not only does the size of the baby grow exponentially, but so do other things like mood swings or acid reflux symptoms. To help with all these developments, give yourself daily muscle massage gun therapy sessions by using light pressure with lotion over muscle areas where they feel tight after exercise. Don't forget about weekly checkups from your doctor.

Although massage can help relieve tension and stress, practice caution to prevent injuries. So, considering this, it is better to call for a professional and avoid risking any damage. 

However, it's vital that you only massage the areas with an appropriate tool, so be sure not to use the gun on anything other than the shoulders, neck, or back.

Using a massage gun during pregnancy is an excellent way to get the benefits of massage gun therapy touch without any risks. If you're willing and ready, get advised by your doctor and start feeling great today.


Muscle Massage Therapy For Women During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy and muscle massage gun therapy, most studies recommend avoiding the practice during your first trimester. The risk of miscarriage is highest in this period, so using a massage gun while pregnant for the first three months can be risky for you as well as the baby. 

Percussion guns are a safe way to relieve pregnancy stress, anxiety, and depression.  If you are taking a break from work, you may not have to fatigue yourself on this matter.

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However, when handling any massage tool, the only precautions you should take are if your hands aren’t experienced with percussion techniques. In such cases, it may be best to seek out help from another professional within the field or even just an average person willing to offer their assistance.

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