Trigger Point Therapy with a Massage Gun

Trigger Point Therapy with a Massage Gun

Trigger points are extremely irritable spots in skeletal muscles that cause enormous pain and hinder lives of millions of people around the world. Is it possible to get rid of the problem? What is trigger point therapy and how can a massage gun help you relieve the pain? Keep reading!

What are trigger points?

To discuss how percussive therapy can help you fight trigger points, it’s crucial to understand what they actually are. 

Trigger points are focal, hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscles. Although they cause pain in specific body parts, they can lead to chronic musculoskeletal disorders when untreated. To present the problem more visually, trigger points can be compared to spines under skin.

What causes trigger points?

Poor blood circulation

It’s been known for quite a long time that poor blood circulation can cause pain and distress which is frequently a red flag indicating that you may experience pain from trigger points. Generally, muscles are affected when they’re tightly knotted and the blood flow is significantly reduced. In this case, it’s hard to stretch without feeling extremely uncomfortable. 

Insufficient blood flow in body parts such as the neck or shoulders can cause pain even if you don’t touch these areas. As a consequence, you may have problems with turning your head.

Overusing muscles

To perform activities effectively, muscles need to expand and contract. It’s natural that your body has to rest. Sometimes, if you feel the pain, it’s advisable to let your tissues relax and perform activities at a slower pace. Otherwise, overworked muscles may cause trigger points. When sitting at a computer, take a few minutes to stretch, and walk to the kitchen or bathroom. If you’re a gym freak, plan rest days. Remember to keep balance and stay moderate in everything.

Underusing muscles

As mentioned above, moderation is the key to success. Although rest is crucial for the body, staying in bed all day long or becoming a couch potato won’t have a positive impact on your muscles either. If you don’t use them or exercise, they may become less functional and decrease your blood flow. Sometimes, pain isn’t caused by excessive exertion. If you don’t take care of an appropriate level of physical activity, you’re prone to experience discomfort

Apart from the elements mentioned above, trigger points may also be caused by vitamin deficiencies, various injuries or accidents.

Trigger point therapy - what is it?

Trigger point therapy is a type of massage therapy that alleviates muscle pain by isolating and releasing pressure. This pressure affects specific muscles and tissues. Consequently, it reduces the tension and discomfort caused by trigger points.

How can a massage gun help with trigger point therapy?

Many of us enjoy massages as they significantly improve blood circulation, make us feel relaxed and help to get rid of soreness. Moreover, specialist massages can support tissue repair and muscle recovery which is particularly important when talking about trigger points. Apart from boosting your physical and emotional well-being, massages reset the body, relieve pain, help to unknot muscles and promote free blood flow.

Although the market abounds in a variety of tools and specialist devices that are supposed to enhance muscle relaxation, percussive massage provided by a massage gun is the most effective solution as it allows you to precisely target the affected area with pulsating strokes. At the same time, this compact device doesn't require too much expertise or effort which makes it suitable for virtually everyone.

Trigger point therapy with a massage gun is so effective thanks to the possibility of tailoring amplitudes to individual needs and using a ball-shaped attachment that makes it unbelievably easy to concentrate the pressure exactly on the trigger point. Once the painful area is targeted, the massager rapidly and repeatedly punches it which helps to relax muscles.

Trigger point therapy with a massage gun - the takeaway

Even though trigger points may not seem particularly dangerous, it’s worth noting that if left untreated, they can cause major physical disorders such as muscle spasms. For this reason, counteract and take care of your health today. Develop proper work and rest hygiene and benefit from massages to help your body relax.

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