How Can a Massage Gun Help You Work from Home?

How Can a Massage Gun Help You Work from Home?

The era of ubiquitous home offices is one of the results of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All of a sudden, it turned out that the number of jobs that cannot be done from a comfy chair in our living room is rather limited. When your boss told you that you wouldn’t need to waste time in traffic jams while commuting to and from work everyday in early 2020, you were probably over the moon. Moreover, staying at home meant no annoying co-workers and no obligation to stick to a smart casual dress code. 

However, many of us quickly realized that all that glitters isn’t gold. Now, instead of grumpy colleagues you need to deal with screaming children. Besides, wearing the same jogging pants each day probably doesn’t make you feel excited anymore. If you find working from home more and more challenging, we are here to prove that a massage gun is a simple solution which will make your remote job more joyful. How? Keep reading!

Massage guns - what are they?

A massage gun is a handy device gaining popularity thanks to its qualities that enable percussive massage therapy which helps to decrease muscle tension, speeds up recovery, eliminates soreness after an intense workout and - what’s more important for every white-collar worker - reduces stress. This, in turn, relaxes the body and translates into overall wellness, better sleep and easier management of anxiety. Its greatest asset is that you can benefit from all these advantages whenever you have a few minutes to conveniently do the massage. Wondering how this little device can make your work from home more satisfactory?

Forget about back pain

At times when you were normally going to the office, you would probably stand up and walk every few minutes to make yourself a coffee, attend meetings in different conference halls or simply talk to your co-workers. However, “the new normal” means that you usually sit in front of your computer for eight or nine hours without going anywhere, except your kitchen and toilet. 

This may have a very negative impact on your physical wellbeing which can manifest itself in chronic neck, shoulder or back pain and incorrect body posture. A quick and regular session with our massage gun can relax your muscles, improve your posture, alleviate back and neck pain, and make you feel mentally calmer, which is invaluable when performing a demanding job.

Work more efficiently

We all love that feeling when your body is extremely relaxed after leaving a massage parlor. However, treating yourself like this on a regular basis would probably cost an arm and a leg.

Therefore, a session with an FBF handheld massager gun is a more affordable option that can bring you similar results to a professional massage. Moreover, percussive therapy reduces muscle soreness, accelerates recovery after an injury and improves blood circulation. All of this will help you clear your mind and focus on the tasks at hand so that you remain effective regardless of the surrounding conditions. 

What’s more, working from home offers impressive multitasking possibilities. After all, you can take part in a videoconference and massage your calves at the same time. Then, when your 9-5 job is finished, you don’t need to worry about finding extra time to drive to a massage parlor. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

Solve various issues with one device

Massage guns are extremely multifunctional which means that you can use the same device to massage your entire body. Treating your calves and feet will undoubtedly improve your blood circulation and physical health. On the other hand, if you struggle with chronic back or neck pain, regular massages can help you get rid of the problem and alleviate your pain. Last but not least, our versatile massage guns are ideal for treating troublesome conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain.

The work-from-home era can be truly challenging not only because of technological aspects but also because of the impact it has on our mental and physical health. A professional massage gun can bring you various benefits such as improved blood circulation and performance, reduced stress levels or relieved back pain. All of this will make your remote work more enjoyable and manageable.

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