Can Massage Guns Replace Physiotherapists?

Can Massage Guns Replace Physiotherapists?

We live in the times of developing technology. Inventions which seemed out of reach just a few years ago accompany us on a daily basis. Although we once thought that offices were necessary to earn a living, it turns out that working from home can be equally effective.

The dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic had affected virtually every area of our lives. During the lockdown, we weren't able to go to cinemas, restaurants and shopping malls. Moreover, access to health care was also severely limited. People suffering from nagging aches, cramps or discomfort started to seek help on their own once they realized that the level of support provided during online consultations wasn't satisfactory.

Fortunately, there are devices such as massage guns that effectively reduce muscle pain, promote recovery and help relax the whole body. How do they work and can they actually replace physiotherapists? To find out more , just keep reading!

How do massage guns work?

A massage gun is a small device that fits in one hand, resembles a drill and delivers the so-called percussive or vibration therapy. This, in turn, stimulates blood flow to the muscles, increases circulation, helps the body relax, minimizes soreness and pain after an intense workout.

In recent years, we could see these devices on social media profiles of various athletes and influencers. After all, they enhance performance and help achieve better results with the same amount of effort.

Nevertheless, massage guns can also be used by people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle and struggle with tight muscles, neck, back and arm pain that results from spending most of the day in front of a computer.

Normally, you would solve such problems by visiting a physiotherapist. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things have become more complicated and the popularity of at-home wellness and fitness equipment has increased significantly. So what are the advantages of massage guns and can they eventually replace qualified professionals?

Why is it worth choosing a massage gun?

The proper use of a massage gun can help you improve blood flow, relieve muscle soreness, enhance range of motion, increase body awareness and boost your general well-being. The greatest asset is that all of this can be done at your home, without needing to see a specialist, getting stuck in traffic jams or spending a fortune on physiotherapy sessions.

As has been mentioned above, a massage gun resembles a hand-held drill, which means that it’s a highly portable device you can take with you anywhere you wish. With this gadget, you can perform a deep tissue massage, just like the one delivered by a physiotherapist. The difference is that you don’t have to pay for each individual visit.

Massage guns are incredibly effective at alleviating various aches and pains experienced after intense workout sessions or long hours spent in front of a computer. With their use, everyone can get a deep tissue massage in the comfort of their own home.

How to use a massage gun professionally?

The device itself doesn't guarantee spectacular results if it's not used correctly. If you decide to purchase a massage gun, remember to:

  • start with the lowest speed setting and see how your body reacts,
  • move the device over your skin - holding it too long in one place can cause bruising,
  • when warming up, massage each muscle group for about 15-30 seconds,
  • after training or running, massage each muscle group for 1-2 minutes,
  • stop using the device if it causes pain - in this case it's advisable to consult a specialist,
  • continue using a foam roller and stick to your regular warm-up/cool-down routine. The device is only supposed to enhance the exercises, not entirely replace.

Can massage guns replace physiotherapists?

Although buying a professional massage gun may actually alleviate recurring muscle pain, the device won't always replace the expertise of a physiotherapist.

There's a reason why people who want to become experts in a particular field need extensive training. Those struggling with chronic pain and ailments of various body parts should unquestionably seek medical advice. However, it doesn't mean that a massage gun can't be helpful in this case.

Proper use of the device, combined with the guidance of a physiotherapist, can help you fully benefit from your massage gun, maximize its effectiveness and speed up your body’s recovery.

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