Massage Therapy Effect On Blood Pressure

Effect of Massage Gun Therapy On Blood Pressure

Massage guns are a popular way for therapists to relieve pain and improve blood circulation. Vibrating heads apply the vibration on your skin with help from an electrical current running through it.


If you've ever had a deep tissue massage, then it's not surprising that vibration would feel amazing. But what many people don't know is that there are many unique health and physiotherapy benefits of using a massage gun. Studies have shown Vibration therapy as an effective way for therapists and healing professionals alike - even doctors. It helps relieve stress without adverse effects on your body like other forms.


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What makes these devices so popular? You can easily use them at home. You don't need any professional training or certification to operate one. Anyone who wants some relief can now finally find some. Plus, they come with all sorts of benefits like increasing blood flow and enhancing skin tone - so what's not to love?


The muscle massage gun can be a great alternative to the foam roller, and it works well for those who cannot take their therapist along with them. It also allows you to get therapeutic benefits without having them right by your side at all times.


Blood Pressure and Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy & Blood Pressure

What if I told you that massaging your temples could help reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure? Studies have shown it's possible because therapists use deep-pressure techniques or deep percussion therapy massage to work on areas where there are chronic tension headaches or migraines. Imagine how good those pressure points would feel after getting released from an eventful day.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study in which 150 adults with blood pressures below 150/95 were given different types of massage. The Swedish kind reduced the amount by which their forces decreased while trigger point therapy increased it instead.


The use of relaxing massage therapy or aromatherapy may help to lower blood pressure in women with menopause. For example, a 2007 study published by the International Journal on prized found that those who received massage therapy sessions containing lavender, rose geraniums, jasmine essential oils had significant drops compared to their counterparts receiving only regular massages without any fragrance or scents added onto them.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine recently published a study on deep tissue massages, finding that those who had music during their session, experienced lower blood pressure levels. The researchers say they are unsure if the music made them calmer or just general relaxation from having an engaged therapeutic session--but either way, we know soothing tunes can do wonders for your mood.

Although further research and study are needed, one thing is clear, balanced massage therapy does help relax the body and calm the mind. 

However, we are discussing the effects of best massage guns on both high and low blood pressure conditions.

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  • Increasing Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

    Increase Blood Circulation


    Massage gun therapy is a great way to improve your circulation by providing more pathways for blood flow. This will lead you to have an active body because the nutrients are transported quickly throughout all parts of our bodies.

    Moreover, it is an excellent way to deeply penetrate the skin, stimulate nerves and break up muscle tension. However, using this tool on just one area of your body may not provide you with enough benefits as it will only reach certain depths within each layer (this could be why some people see improved blood flow). A full-body session with massage gun trigger points therapy is great to provide effects throughout all parts.

    The physical and mental effects of poor blood circulation can be seen in many people. Some signs that your body's highways are not working as they should include fatigue, swollen limbs or hands with pain upon movement (especially when compared to how you feel during rest), lack of concentration or focus, and cold feet.

    Also, lymphatic stimulation is vital for maintaining a healthy body and mind. The lymph nodes barely get mentioned in most healthcare blogs or textbooks, but they play an integral role in storing weapons to fight infections within us, which can be accessed by our white blood cells if needed. Massage Gun Therapy can help stimulate these nodes, which may offer relief for areas of your body that are suffering from lack of stagnation.

    A hammer massage gun is a crucial tool in any therapist's arsenal. It can be used for many different treatments, and it varies depending on what you're looking to accomplish with it.

    But most importantly: size matters. Large people who desire deep tissue simulation may need larger guns, while smaller ones will do just fine if they wish only lighter touching

  • Lowering High Blood Pressure

    Decrease Blood Pressure


    High blood pressure can be caused by various factors, including poor diet, smoking cigarettes, and drinking too much alcohol. It's important to note that medications are essential for managing this condition. However, there needs to be more support for those looking into lifestyle changes or treatments such as massage therapy for high blood pressure. A trigger point therapy with a massage gun can greatly help you to reduce stress levels so it doesn't negatively impact your health later down the road.

    There is evidence that compression therapy may help with high blood pressure, but more research needs to be done. Until then, try these tips for managing your condition if it's difficult on a day-to-day basis without assistance from medical professionals or therapists. 

    Massage guns and maintaining blood pressure go hand-in-hand. Some studies have suggested that different types of massages, including Swedish, aromatherapy, or deep muscle tissue massage, can help lower your blood pressure.


Tips To Maintain Your Blood Pressure

It's never too late to get your blood pressure checked. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than half of all men and women will develop high-blood vessel disease after 55. This includes everything from heart attacks or stroke risk down into just being at an increased level when compared against someone who doesn't have these issues.

Watching your blood pressure can be a challenge, but it's important to do so for the best outcomes. So if you have any of these factors that increase risk - being older than 40 or 60 plus or having diabetes with a family history of high BP, get checked right away and start treatment. Try these steps to maintain normal blood pressure.

  1. Exercise
    Exercise To Improve Blood Pressure

    Exercise is highly effective at controlling blood pressure as it stimulates your body to release a substance called nitric acid. Nitric Acid causes blood vessels in the wall of the arteries to open up, which reduces high levels and helps maintain low ones. Exercise also strengthens the heart muscle, relieves stressors like anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed, and aids weight loss by burning calories while you're resting. In addition, you can also opt for massage sessions to get various benefits of massage gun therapy, including relief from pre and post-workout activity stress. It will keep you healthier overall.

  2. Healthy Diet
    Maintain Diet For Better Blood Circulation

    Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help you lower your risk for high blood pressure. Clinical studies show that people who eat this type of food have more normal readings than those with other diets or no dietary habits. You should also avoid fatty meats as well as sugar-sweetened drinks and include more poultry, fish, nuts, among other healthy foods.

  3. Less Salt Intake

    Control Your Salt Intake
    The average American might be consuming up to 9,000 mg of salt per day, which is more than the 500 milligrams your body needs. Studies show that high levels lead directly to hypertension and other health problems like heart disease or kidney failure. So the easiest way to limit salt intake would simply be cutting down the salty foods and bringing your salt intake down to the recommended dose of 2,400mg or 1 teaspoon.

    Don't take your blood pressure reading for granted. Highs can be just as dangerous and harmful to yourself as lows. A single high point could lead you down an unhealthy path of heart disease or stroke, so it's important to monitor the numbers often (at least once every two years) with readings from qualified professionals such as doctors or healthcare providers.


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Massage Guns Help With Blood Pressure

There are many benefits to relaxing massage therapy, but one of its best features is how quickly it can provide relief. 

Massaging an area for too long can be dangerous and may cause pain. You'll want to take care not to give your massage gun head enough time on any one spot before moving onto another part of the body, as this will help maintain sensation throughout different parts at once.

To avoid overdoing things in general- keep focused by limiting how much you spend applying pressure or movements into specific muscles during each session.

Massage gun therapy has been shown to help with stress relief and might reduce high blood pressure. Want to experience the wonders of massage therapy? First, talk it through with an expert who knows proper massage gun therapy and how it can help in your recovery and healthcare routine.

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