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7 Unique Health and Physiotherapy Benefits of Using a Massage Gun

We all get stressed from daily life activities that could hurt our health over time if not managed properly. A massage gun can help you successfully manage stress within the shortest possible time. It is widely understood that a massage therapy gun provides you the same results as a deep tissue massage. It allows you to pound a muscle faster with little to no effort. The handheld, rechargeable massage therapy device can thump away up to 2500 times a minute, for as long as you can endure it. It helps your brain to focus on tight muscles and let the tension go off. Your sports performance is also improved as your muscles become more flexible and efficient.

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Everyone, from professional athletes to people with chronic pain conditions such as server varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension or those suffering from other muscle disorders, and recreational gym-goers use Fit Body Factory’s (FBF) various categories of massage guns for their numerous health benefits, as FBF massage guns have the following benefits:

  1. Help in speedy muscle recovery

A massage gun can relax sore muscles by stimulating an organ known as GTO (Golgi tendon organ) that inhibits muscle contraction. It relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the body, and quickly eliminates the toxic debris after a workout. This way, muscle recovery time between the workouts is shortened and your muscles are able to bounce back within the shortest possible time. Due to improved circulation into the muscles and fascia tissues, the injured areas become more flexible and heal within a short period of time.

  1. Revitalize blood and lymph flow

Deep percussion massage guns offer deep tissue stimulation that activates blood vessel and your blood flow is improved. For every deep tissue massage, fluids and tensions are released within the muscles, resulting in better circulation and tissue metabolism. Improved circulation helps break down adhesions, thus facilitating quick tissue repair. Vibrations from the FBF pulse massage gun help enhance blood and lymph circulation around the body that facilitates muscles to produce more oxygen and nutrients.

  1. Flushing out lactic acid quickly after a workout

During intense exercise, the oxygen level is reduced and your body starts to form lactic acid to make up for it. Lactic acid continues to build up at a faster rate for some time after the exercise than it is utilized by your bloodstream. As such, you will feel cramped in your muscles and exhausted. A recovery FBF pulse massage gun can quickly move this additional lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles to the tissues outside.

  1. Loosen up muscle stiffness

FBF pulse tissue massage gun helps relieve muscle spasm and stiffness that may arise from an intense workout. The muscle spasm occurs due to lack of proper blood flow after a workout that could be painful to touch. It relaxes your muscles, tendons and ligaments, thereby reducing spasms and painful contractions.

  1. Enhance range of motion

Muscle percussion FBF massager gun works on muscles, connective tissues and joints that work together to aid mobility. Consistent use will make your joints more flexible and less prone to strains and sprains. This makes your muscles and joints to work better and your range of motion will increase significantly. As a result, your athletic performance will improve and your body will become more relaxed with an improved simulation of its natural lubricants.

  1. Address muscle soreness and aches

When you have spent a few hours or the whole day straight on your feet, use your massage gun on your calf, shin and arch of the foot to alleviate tightness. FBF hammer massage gun reduces the level of lactic acid in your body post-workout, flushes out its buildup and decreases soreness of muscles.

  1. Improve muscle flexibility

At the end of the day, muscles have been put to their limit. Even if you have been sitting all day long, your muscles can become stiff and rigid from minimal use. Full body massage FBF ultra gun treats and flexes a larger group of muscles better and quicker than manual manipulation. After using this massage therapy device, you’ll find that your joints have become more flexible.

You can safely use your hammer massage gun machine on your shoulders and trapezius muscles to relieve the tension that often comes from sitting for long before a computer. Remember that FBF hammer massage gun is meant to be used on muscles, rather than joints, nerves or tendons. Avoid using is anywhere you have scabs, recent bone fracture or wounds.

FBF massage gun with ergonomic design

Fit Body Factory’s multi-speed massage therapy guns go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customization. They come with multiple massage heads as well as a carry bag to deliver you percussion therapy at different levels as per your need. FBF full body massage guns can be used with varied massaging speeds, giving you over 100 different massaging options. This feature of the professional massager gun is especially ideal for those who experience varying levels of muscle soreness and pain. Its percussive arm is ergonomically designed that swivels to easily reach out your hard-to-reach spots. FBF pulse massage gun comes with some unique attachments such as auto-healing tip that add another element of massage alongside the percussion element. It acts like your own personal massage therapist, anywhere and anytime.

Pro Tip: Lowest percussion massage setting is great when used over sore muscles after a long day, while the higher power settings work great on the muscles that are tight but not tender.

One reviewer writes about FBF massage therapy guns: “I purchased this for my husband. This is the best thing I could have gotten for him as the amount of pain in his knees and tennis elbow reduces significantly when he uses it after weight lifting and strenuous workouts. You can use it all over, neck, shoulders, feet, legs – it melts away muscle tension so easily and feels too good.”

Use your massage gun as an adjunct

Remember that a massage gun is a powerful tool, so keep it on low settings. Only truly massive individuals or trained therapists may use higher settings. Ideally, you should spend at most a couple of minutes with massage gun after a workout or on the rest days on each muscle group, For best results, use your massage therapy device as an adjunct to working with professional massage therapists. FBF’s pulse massager gun, recovery massage gun, hammer massage gun, deep percussion massage gun and full body massage gun have science on their side that makes them perfect for the fitness enthusiasts like you.

All things considered, it is ideal to purchase a Fit Body Factory’s massage gun, instead of having to book an appointment with your therapist every time the pain in your body starts acting up. Get your FBF full body massage gun to increase the endurance from your new workout, reduce stress related to aches and pain, and gain the ability to sleep better.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purpose only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare provider if you have some specific medical condition or health objective.

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