Vibrational Massagers VS Percussive Massagers - Which Is Better

Vibrational Massagers vs Percussive Massagers

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday occupational stresses, muscular overuse, and many chronic pain conditions. Furthermore, the manipulation of soft tissues, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints, is effective for people suffering from these ailments. In addition, it helps increase blood flow throughout your body while simultaneously reducing stress on critical organs such as the heart or lungs. So, all in all, it is a great way to warm up for exercise.
In recent times, massage therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. Primarily, RMTs work with a wide variety of patients, including those who are ill or injured, as well as trying rehabilitation from disability caused by illness or injury. If a person is not capable enough to afford any expensive therapist sessions, then there are other options available. The topmost of which is using the best massage gun.
A massage gun works in the same sense and provides all types of massages, such as deep tissue massage and joint massages. It helps relieve muscular tension, loosen muscle knots, and calm the body from pre or post workout activity stress. 

An Informative Comparison Between Vibrational and Percussive Massagers

Difference Between Vibrational Massages and Percussive Massages
If you must know, there are two types of muscular massages that serve their purpose of relief in different ways. Both vibrational and percussion therapy have their own benefits, and here we are performing a detailed comparison of how both of them stack against each other.
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What are Vibration Massages?

    It is important to note that vibration therapy can be applied as whole-body or localized. For the former, users will typically stand on a platform device that vibrates throughout their entire body. They have to wear appropriate attire to avoid accidental contact with unwashed skin (or other sensitive areas). Handheld massage guns allow you to feel good vibrations right where needed most: like at home, massaging sore shoulders after working out.

    Benefits Of Vibrational Therapy

      Vibration therapy has several benefits, which are as follows:
      • Eases pain
      • Reduces stress
      • Relaxes muscles
      • Increases blood flow
      • Improves range of motion
      • Enhances muscle stimulation
      • It can be helpful in many diseases like Parkinson's
      Vibration therapy is a great way to relieve pain for anyone, but it shines in certain age groups and segments. One example would be those with Parkinson's disease because their movements become woozy when they experience stiffness or tremors. 
      Furthermore, vibration treatments can help bring back natural muscle movement. Additionally, massage guns are beneficial whether you're an older person and have stiff joints due to bone loss (osteoporosis) even if you have medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, where strong shaking motions reduce inflammation caused by joint swelling, vibration treatments help.

      What are Percussive Massages?

      Percussive therapy is similar to vibration massages in that it applies a force onto your body part being treated. The difference is that percs can reach 60% deeper into muscles, which provides more comprehensive massage-like benefits. In addition, the percussion reaches targeted areas by targeting deep enough to increase blood flow or oxygen needed for efficient treatment while recovering from injury. The greater efficiency and effectiveness of percussion therapies are highly preferred for post workout activities.
      The percussive therapy devices used in this treatment are very different from traditional massage therapies because they allow the brain time to adjust. This means that while some people might become accustomed to repeated sessions, others will continue experiencing benefits without becoming dependent on them.

      Benefits of Percussion Therapy

      Percussion therapy has various benefits, which are as follows:
      • Improves range of motion
      • Lowers production of lactic acid
      • Improves blood flow and oxygen
      • Moisten soft tissues into deep muscles
      • Decreases pain in deep-tissue recovery
      • Massages deeper than any other therapy
      While Percussive Therapy offers immediate relief on specific areas like an elbow or foot thanks to its vibration source. This may not always be true for everyone because each individual reacts differently during massages depending on whether they have sensitive skin or not.

      Why Go For Massage Therapy?

      Why Muscle Massage Guns Are Better - Gun Massager Therapy

      A massage is an ancient form of healing that has been used in various cultures around the world for centuries. It can help produce feelings of caring, comfort, and connection with others, making it worth trying out. However, you should always consult your doctor before starting this practice or changing up how often you visit them because not all forms are safe for everyone.
      Massage is an increasingly popular form of integrative medicine. It can be used along with other treatments for a wide range of conditions and situations to provide various benefits. For example, massage can help you accomplish reduced stress, increased relaxation, pain relief from sore muscles or tension headaches, among other things. But, of course, there is always the choice of selecting the massage device that is best for you. 
      So, if you want deep and powerful compressions, the pulse massager will do the trick, or if you want more heavy pressure and further muscle relief, the volt massage guns will suit your style. Yet, some people may need a device to help with recovery treatment that can provide both gentle and effective vibration therapies and targeted percussive mechanisms.
      Moreover, its benefits have been shown in studies, including lowering heart rate by about 10 beats per minute after just one session; improving circulation throughout our body- from the head down past those tired feet; boosting energy levels along with an improved immune system.
      Furthermore, many studies confirm the additional benefits of massage therapies. For example, some research found it may also be helpful for:
      • Anxiety
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Upper back and neck pain
      • Temporomandibular joint pain 
      • Insomnia related to stress
      • Low back pain
      • Myofascial pain syndrome
      • Nerve pain
      • Sports injuries
      • Headaches
      • Soft tissue strains injuries
      • Digestive disorders
      • Sports injuries 
      These are some excellent outcomes that come from giving yourself an occasional treat of deep tissue massage, so we highly recommend trying out what we call "self-care."
      However, the list is not yet finished. Many people, apart from pain, also like to use massage guns for comfort and enjoyment. It helps them get feelings of care and smoothness.
      Still, the main question remains - can massage guns help replace physiotherapists? 
      Although it has many benefits, it is not meant to replace regular medicare. The best way is to use massage guns with your therapy sessions. It will enhance both massage routines' benefits and promote faster healing and rejuvenation. 

      Drawbacks of using Massage Guns

      Drawbacks of Massage Guns - Muscle Massage Therapy
      It is only fair to think that handheld massage guns are not for everyone. Considering this, it is better to consult your doctor or avoid it if the following pointers are relatable to your daily life.
      • Infections
      • Fractured bones
      • Low platelet count
      • Deep vein thrombosis
      • Burns or open wounds
      • Severe thrombocytopenia
      • A bad case of osteoporosis
      • Bleeding issues or taking blood thinners
      There are many benefits to getting massage therapy, even if you have chronic pain or an illness. The best massage gun can make people feel better by releasing tension in their muscles and allowing them some much-needed relaxation after a long hard day. 
      However, not all forms of massages will be enjoyable for everyone because there's no telling what pressure might do unless someone talks about it beforehand.
      Some folks might experience soreness the next day from intense sessions, which usually subsides within 24 hours without needing any medical help--but serious problems only arise when too much force is used during these types of treatments.

      Some Final Thoughts

      Vibrational Massage Guns Benefit - Vibration Massage Therapy

      In the debate between Percussion therapy vs. Vibration Therapy, percussion tends to be more effective because its impacts reach 60% deeper into muscles and thus provide relief from long-term pain faster than vibration can do. 
      Another reason for this superiority might be that these continuous vibrations don't stay on our bodies. Moreover, they aren't able to accumulate there over time - meaning each touch has an equal impact. 
      Another benefit provided by both techniques involves increased blood flow, where you'll get revitalized after just 15 minutes rather than 4 hours. However, knowing the difference between vibration therapy and percussive methods can be helpful when deciding what kind of device would work best for you. For example, vibrating pulse massage guns provide gentle, relaxing benefits, while targeted devices offer more effective ones associated with their specific uses. 
      So, all in all, both vibration and percussion massage therapy guns are great alternatives to therapists. Whatever the preference or prescription, you can use them to gain energy and improve the overall functioning and health of the body muscles.
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