How to Use a Massage Gun for Warm-ups before Working Out?

How to Use a Massage Gun for Warm-ups before Working Out?

A massage gun is a great product that can effectively improve the health and well-being of everyone struggling with muscle pain or soreness. This compact and drill-like device is suitable not only for office workers suffering from chronic back and neck pain, but also for gym enthusiasts wishing to enhance their workouts and warm-ups, as well as increase their gym output and decrease the likelihood of injury .

Percussive therapy provided by a quality massage gun can support muscle warm-up and recovery on all fitness levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your gym career or are a professional athlete. This little accessory can change your workout sessions for good. With a massage gun, you can boost your performance and prepare your body for action. Just a few extra minutes may be enough to prevent injuries, activate your muscles and achieve better workout results.

How to use a massage gun before working out?

In most cases, a massage gun is applied to treat tense or painful body parts such as shoulders, back, neck, thighs, hips or calves. Although the device is handled extremely easily, it’s crucial to follow a few simple rules to ensure your safety.

When turning the device on, don’t keep it anywhere close to your body. First, make sure that you have full control over it. Then, place the gun on the body part you want to massage and let it work. Everything is extremely intuitive and using the device for a sufficient amount of time will surely bring satisfactory results.

Move the device slowly up and down by 2 or 3 cm a second. When talking about warm-ups, each individual body part should be treated for maximally 30 seconds. If you encounter a body muscle or tense area, let the device massage it for longer, but don’t use any additional force as it’s not necessary. Try to be calm and breathe steadily, otherwise, your muscles won’t be able to relax.

Benefits of using a massage gun for warm-ups

We all know that warm-ups are an extremely important part of every workout. Without them, you could easily get injured and your muscles would probably be extremely sore on the day following your visit to the gym.

The market abounds in various accessories that are supposed to boost the effectiveness and comfort of workouts. Foam rollers are one of them. Even though they are helpful, there is one alternative that can bring your body even more benefits - a massage gun. Using this device for warm-ups is like fueling your body with top-notch ingredients right after you wake up. You have more energy to get through the day and you don’t feel hunger pangs after 2 or 3 hours.

A massage gun works in an analogous way. It can improve your blood flow, provide your body with essential oxygen, stimulate the nervous system and relieve muscle tension

Intense workout sessions require proper preparation if you don’t want to do any harm to your body. Percussive therapy prepares muscles for the upcoming effort during the workout. Concentrated and short punches penetrate muscle tissues and translate into improved performance, better responsiveness and quicker recovery.

Massage guns aren’t suitable solely for weight-lifters or athletes looking for strenuous workouts. They’re also an ideal accessory for runners that want to boost their results and activate muscles in their body, and even cyclists looking for that extra edge.

A massage gun is the ideal product to get rid of body stiffness and spasms. It has a positive impact on flexibility and mobility. Consequently, each sports person using a massage gun on a regular basis will probably notice its salutary influence on tight muscles. 

Do I need a massage gun?

A massage gun is a compact accessory that can bring a number of benefits to your body and health. Intense vibration helps to reduce muscle soreness, pain and tension. 

This simple device resembling a drill will allow you to relax and sleep peacefully by improving your blood flow and flexibility. Moreover, it’s the ideal accessory for all sports aficionados who want to boost their performance and benefit from workout sessions as much as possible. A proper warm-up prevents injuries and guarantees more efficient recovery of the body. Check out our massage guns and forget about muscle soreness once and for all!

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