How to Use a Massage Gun for Cool-downs after Working Out?

How to Use a Massage Gun for Cool-downs after Working Out?

If you’d like to invest your money in something that could bring you health benefits but you aren’t entirely sure what to choose, go for a massage gun. Apart from relieving muscle, neck, back and shoulder pain, the quality device will enhance your post-workout stretches and cooldowns.

A massage gun - what is it?

A massage gun is a compact device that looks like a drill. Recently, it’s been gaining increasing popularity among various fitness lovers and athletes. Why? Because percussive therapy offered by this accessory works wonders when it comes to relieving muscle soreness, stimulating the body, improving blood circulation, getting rid of unpleasant pain (also in the case of office workers spending entire days in front of the computer) and boosting performance.

Why should you use a massage gun for cool-downs? 

When working out, we frequently forget about cool-downs, because we don’t have time to stretch or we are simply too tired after intense exercises. However, it’s a serious mistake as your body is in a heightened state of blood flow which means it needs to cool down in order to be able to recover and avoid injuries. So, what are the benefits of a massage gun, and how do you use one to enhance your cool-down?

It helps your body relax

A massage gun has a positive impact on the nervous system by compressing the muscles and normalising blood flow, which helps to inform the body that the workout is over and now it’s time to unwind. As soon as your muscles realize this, they shift into recovery mode. Thanks to this, you’re less likely to experience uncomfortable cramps and post-workout injuries.

It relieves lactic acid 

You probably know the feeling when you have an amazing workout session which brings you lots of satisfaction but on the following day you aren’t able to get up because of muscle soreness. Well, a massage gun can solve the problem once and for all. Percussive therapy improves blood circulation which helps to relieve toxins and lactic acid from the muscles. Thanks to this, you can forget about unpleasant cramping and enjoy your improved performance even after intense training.

It improves sleep quality

A relaxed body equals quality sleep. Since a massage gun helps muscles unwind, it also comes in handy every time your body is tense or you want to relax. This argument will probably appeal to all white collar workers trying to overcome deadline stress and suffering from chronic muscle stiffness. A massage gun, combined with an intense workout session, will soothe your nervous system and improve the sleep patterns.

How to use a massage gun after a workout session?

Massage guns can be applied both after and before working out. When it comes to warm-ups, the ball-like attachment is ideal for improving your blood circulation, stimulating muscles and preparing them for action. On the other hand, once you finish doing the exercises, the drill-like attachment will inform your body that it’s time to relax and recover. Thanks to this, you can forget about problems with sleep, muscle soreness or cramping.

To use a massage gun for cool-downs, turn it on and keep it on each of your body parts or muscles for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Move the device up and down to boost its effectiveness and relax your muscles even more. Remember that massage guns are incredibly intuitive, they don’t require any specific knowledge. Just let the device work and you’ll see that regular use can bring spectacular results.

A massage gun for cool-downs after working out

A massage gun is a powerful device that brings you countless health benefits. Apart from improving your blood circulation, reducing stress levels or relaxing tense muscles, it’s an ideal post-workout accessory that can effectively speed up the muscle recovery process. Deep and intense vibration helps to soothe the nervous system and informs the body that it can unwind. Thanks to this, muscles are relaxed and recover noticeably quicker. This, in turn, translates into quality rest that has a positive impact on muscle strength, flexibility and your general well-being.

Once your workout is over, treat each of your body parts with a massage gun for about 30 to 60 seconds to forget about muscle soreness and tension. Don’t wait and refine your workouts with our quality massage gun devices!

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