How Massage Guns Help Relieve Muscle Pain?

How Massage Guns Help Relieve Muscle Pain?

Throughout COVID, massage guns have taken the health and fitness industry by storm. Licensed physiotherapists from across the globe recommend its use to aid in the recovery of muscle aches and pains. As our world becomes more connected, you don’t even need to leave your house to get the things you need. You can deliver a Massage Gun right to your door! Doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, a gym-goer, or a walk-in-the-park type of person - everyone notices how much better it  makes their body feel.


If you don’t know - a muscle massager gun is a device that is used to aid in recovery of muscle strains or sores. If you dig a little deeper into the muscle, a massage gun hammers down with rapid force and alleviates soreness, stiffness and pain. It has gained tremendous popularity throughout the fitness community and is being seen as an alternative to paying for a physiotherapist.


How To Select The Best Massage Guns?

Although there are many percussive therapy guns available in stores, not all of work effectively. There are some questions and answers that you need to ask yourself before making your selection with one of these types of devices. 


Here are a few important questions to ask:


  • How much do you exercise? The first thing to check is the amount of exercise you do in a given day. If it is less to average, then you might be better off with a muscle massager gun with low power or a multi-power unit.


  • What is the pain intensity? The second thing is that if you are not feeling chronic or long-lasting pain, then you may not need a heavy pressure massage gun model. Also, if your activity doesn’t cause you hours of soreness, then a cheaper gun with fewer functions will do the job just fine.


  • How often do you feel pain? The third and last thing is to check the amount of time it takes for your body to start getting exhausted and tired. If you can go high and mighty for long, then you might not require the massage gun with you all the time. However, if you do feel the effects early on then you should remember that a lightweight or small model will be easy to carry as compared to top-notch heavyweight guns.

Make a note of features that you want to be included within your massage gun - and then you can begin browsing! Select the best massage gun for your use and start looking up some guidance on how to use it.

Tips On How To Use Muscle Massager Guns

Although using a massage gun is not rocket science, there are some important tips to mention. After you have successfully purchased  the massage gun you are looking for,  it is time to put it to good use. Here are some tips on how to get the most use out of your massage gun. 


  • You can use it anywhere. The first thing that you need to do is find a good spot on a sofa or under a tree and relax for a while. If your muscle is too stiff or tight, it is not best to start hammering it down right away. After that, hold the massage gun in the opposite hand of the body part you want to use it on.


  • Find a partner! If you can find a partner to help you out, they may be able to help with those hard-to-reach areas. 


  • Start off slow. It’s important to allow your muscles to get used to the sensation -so don’t start with the maximum speed and pressure. Instead, start off slow and gradually increase the speed and intensity. Most massage guns offer a range of speed and pressure settings that helps get the best effects of vibration or percussion therapy.


  • Seek approval from your physician if you are using medication. If you are using any prescription medications from the category of blood thinners or have some sensitive areas or clots, it is better to take advice from your doctor or physician beforehand. 


  • Avoid contact with broken or damaged skin. It’s important that you are not causing discomfort to skin that is already damaged. It is recommended that a massage gun is to be used on healthy/undamaged skin.


  • Utilize other muscle recovery tools as well! It is better to use more than one method to help alleviate muscle pain. Accessories such as:  foam rollers, stretching, or ice packs are helpful when used in coordination with a muscle vibrating gun


The tips mentioned above tell the ideal way to use a massage gun to guarantee the best results from relieving muscle pain. If you are using it correctly, a massage gun is capable of helping in various conditions, including delayed-onset muscle soreness(DOMS), improve blood flow and flexibility, and relieving stress and pressure. 

Furthermore, a massage gun is excellent for treating muscle soreness. It is used in treating post-activity stress and sore muscles, as well as in reducing muscular tension.

The Takeaway

Percussive therapy or vibration therapy has slight differences, but both are great to treat muscle soreness. It is an effective and efficient treatment for mild to moderate injuries occurred during activity or workouts. To some extent, massage guns are also favored above massage therapy and are also advised by therapists. 


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Although they work great, they can also cause a few side effects if not used properly, so it is better to be precautious and safe than sorry. Some potential side effects are ruptured vessels, increased nerve sensitivity, and damaged muscle fibers. 


So, it is better to consult your physical therapist beforehand and seek advice for proper use or get help from a guide.


Muscle soreness, strain, or injury is not something to be taken lightly. You only get one body, so ensure that you are prioritizing your health and fitness. 

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