Which Massage Gun Head Is For You

Which Massage Guns Head Should You Use?

A massage gun is an excellent tool for those looking to give themselves relief from the stresses of life. Yet, with all these massage gun attachments and parts at your disposal, it is hard to know which one you should use! Luckily we've put together this guide so that next time your session gets intense - you know what to do.


A massage gun provides strong pressure points therapy and helps restore health and vitality. This article will show how to use your new toy and some best-suited tips for different areas.

First thing's first - start by choosing from a range of massage gun attachments. Then turn on your massager and put the head into place; hold tight, until satisfied. Next, you can use the massager on knots or stiff areas to help relieve pain. Let it sit there for a few minutes, and then go over your muscles again until they feel better.


Types of Massage Gun Heads

Different Heads For Massage Guns In A Line


The following are the most common attachment options for massage guns. You can select what fits you best, depending on your activity and usage. It is better to get massage guns for muscle pain from a premium manufacturer to get best results. Moreover, the different massage gun heads are suitable for different parts which are also defined with the appropriate head. You must know that using the right head at the right place will help relieve muscle aches and ease pains. It helps hit your pain points with accuracy and give you instant relief from any discomfort.

  1. Big Size Ball

    To get a great massage, you need the right tools. For large or medium-sized muscles, we recommend using a versatile head like the large ball. It is usually made with strong rubber or rigid foam and is usable to massage most parts of the body. It works well for both small groupings and larger areas. Choose this attachment for massage gun if you want an easy and accessible option. It is also great for massaging more than one muscle at once.

    Ideal Use:
    - Legs

    - Thighs
    - Hips
    - Chest


    The big size ball head is great to use on the legs and thighs. To start, place the massage gun under the hip and work down towards the pubic bone until you’re a little above the knee. Then, move back up again, trying not to miss this area. Massage should last around 2 minutes per side.

  2. Small Size Ball

    The smaller version is usable on muscles of any size and works well as an occasional treatment. It is great if you want something lightweight but still effective at getting your knots out. 

    Ideal Use: 
    - Underarms
    - Biceps
    - Thighs
    - Calves
    - Shoulders

    Moreover, you can also use the small size ball on your shoulder. Massaging the shoulders is essential for several different muscle groups. You'll want to start at your top and work your way down. Also, extend your forefinger with your thumb facing upwards while massaging underarm. Try doing 2 minutes in this area if possible.

  3. Bullet

    The bullet is a small, rounded attachment that comes to a point at the top. It helps target specific areas like hands and feet and it's not ideal for a soothing massage. Also, using this device too long can cause pain, so 15 seconds is an appropriate duration.

    Ideal Use:
    - Hands
    - Feet
    - Soles

    That being said, the bullet attachment is perfect for targeting any muscle group, as long you keep it away from your vertebrae, forearm, or shoulder. Sometimes it makes treatment too intense, but this intensity works well for a deep tissue massage on the leg or back muscles.

  4. Fork

    The fork head attachment for massage gun is a great way to relieve chronic back pain or tension. Although it's more for those who suffer from such conditions, it can also help with other body parts. Keep in mind that the spikes should never go right against the bone as they have pointed ends.

    Ideal Use: 
    - Necks
    - Back
    - Triceps
    - Hamstrings

    Furthermore, you can also utilize the fork-head attachment on your neck. Still, you must be careful as a massage gun is a powerful device. As long as you practice caution, it’s safe and effective to use massage guns for necks. You can turn it on and hold for 10 seconds on each tense or knotted area. It will help reduce any strain and relieve neck pain, resulting in fewer injuries. Then, do a gentle massage on these spots with the fork head of a massage gun for 2 minutes for the best results.

  5. Flat Head

    The flat head massager is an excellent attachment for most muscle groups. It can provide deeper hits with more intense pressure. The flat head means you won't feel as much discomfort when covering areas with bone. So, you can also use this attachment for massage gun for weak bones or bone-related discomfort. It might be available in several sizes depending on who provides them, which you can view in a massage gun shop.

    Ideal Use:
    - Calves
    - Lower Back
    - Sides
    - Hip Region

    Moving on, the flat head attachment is great for back massages. When you feel pain or stiffness in your lower back, it can help provide the relief you crave. You'll want to start at the top and slow pace your way down. Work on either side for an extra 2 minutes per session (or more, depending on the time left until the next workout). Most people often complain about their tight QLs. Luckily, some great stretches and massage guns will help release those muscles. Another major muscle group that the flat head is optimum for are calves. The calves are an often forgotten area of the body. The best way to massage them is by getting into a seated position with one ankle over your opposite knee. Now spend 2 minutes on this part, and with a slow pace, go up and down for the most soothing feeling ever.


Benefits of Massage Gun Therapy

If you're looking for a great way to relieve aches and pains, then look no further. Different types of massage guns may be what you need to restore your health and vitality. They provide more power in less time than traditional massaging devices can give. Moreover, you can use various head attachments (whichever suits your needs) to relieve body pain with massage gun. A good gun will last longer due to its strength and durability factor. It is great for long-lasting results without spending too much money on treatments. Also, it won't wear down as early as cheaper models might do after only specific uses.

Flexible and easy to use, massage guns are an incredible tool for professionals and amateurs alike. The thing that adds weight to this is the ease of different head attachments that help target each area of the body with right power and intensity. Consider some benefits we listed below to see if using one is suitable for your business or practice.

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Fast Recovery

According to research, massage guns will allow you to recover faster from an injury. It penetrates deep into the muscle, providing intense pressure. You cannot get this with traditional massagers without any lotion or cream beforehand. So, we recommend using it with any suitable massage gun attachments - but only once every 2 weeks at most.

Improves Motion
Improve Motion Ability

Are you injured? If so, the last thing that might feel like a good idea is using these powerful devices on your muscles. Yet, we're sure there is something for everyone with many attachments and ways to choose from. Also, some of them target smaller areas which can help restore range of motion after an injury. 

Releases Muscular Stress

Workout Muscle Stress


The massage gun is a great way to relieve muscle aches and pains. Some of the best massage guns online are a great way to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness. You can use it when you feel these symptoms, which will stop them faster.

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Improves Blood Circulation

With increased blood flow, you'll be able to get the most out of your massage session. If you are having trouble adjusting to it, you can read the user manual or watch a video online. For more detailed information, read the massage gun guide. The improved circulation will help with recovery time after exercising and it also helps lower the chances of developing health conditions like increased blood pressure later on down the line.

Choose The Best For Yourself

You must be wondering how to choose from different massage gun heads and which one is suitable for you - here's what you need to know. 

  • One thing is for sure; you shouldn't feel any discomfort or intense pressure from the tool itself. If you do, then it means something is wrong with your technique. One way to avoid this issue is to use larger massage gun head attachments for large areas. It will help you avoid experiencing as much sensitivity. Another option is to warm up beforehand. It helps to loosen up while also reducing swelling caused by intense exercise.
  • People of all ages can relieve body pain with massage gun through massage therapy. But don’t overdo it. You should move on to another technique or muscle to not risk injury. Applying pressure too hard without giving rest to your muscles is a recipe for disaster. 
  • Massage guns can be dangerous if you misuse them. Be sure to stay away from bones and tendons when massaging muscles. These areas may lack the natural bounce found in muscle tissue. It makes them more susceptible to injury by percussion or vibration coming off a massage gun. 
  • There are many different muscles in the body, and each one requires a unique massage routine. For example, thick groups like your calves will take more effort than other thinner areas.
  • Build a personal therapy routine to get the most out of your time with the different types of massage guns. For example, massaging muscles before exercise can help you avoid injuries. Also it helps them loosen up after working out, so they're ready for sleep. In the same way, evening massages stimulate recovery during rest cycles. It increases blood circulation in those areas and makes it easier on all parts involved. There are many different muscles in the body, and each one requires a unique massage routine. For example, thick groups like your calves will take more effort than other thinner areas.
  • Massage is an art to experiment with. Yet, the techniques you learn for the best massage guns online might not work the same for you. So, it's essential to try different ones and keep track of which approach works best for you. When working out, it is important not to overdo the exercise. If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop at once and allow your muscles time for repair before trying again. This may be because they are still sore from an injury that needs some recovery process on its own.



You've been working your muscles, and now it's time for some experimenting. Remember, the bigger the head of the massage, the better suited to larger areas. And if you want more specific targeting, go for smaller heads. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to massages, and you get many options at the Fit Body Factory. The right technique will allow you to feel more agile than ever before. Also, it helps release any tension that may have built up within your muscles over recent days or weeks.

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