How To Relieve Back Pain With A Massage Gun

How To Use Massage Gun On Your Back?

Back pain can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience. It's not just about how you wake up in the morning or even when trying to move around during exercise - it could also come from simple tasks such as grocery shopping. The problem with lower-back soreness is that many treatment methods are available. However, if your search leads you towards buying a massage gun, then keep reading because these devices offer some great advantages over others.

The handheld massage gun is a new, innovative way to get relief for your lower back. It's not just about the pain -- some believe this type of massaging device can also help open up muscles and encourage muscle movement that may be preventing you from moving freely again.

A massage gun works like a physical trigger for your brain to be aware of tight muscles. When you are aware that there is tension in certain areas, it will release this stress by increasing blood flow which also helps promote healing and relieve muscular pain. Moreover, it can be a great way to relieve tight muscles and encourage blood flow and healing in the body. There is an assortment of handheld devices available on the market that come with different heads for various needs, including deep tissue massages or shiatsu-style rubs.


How Bad Is Back Pain?

How Bad Is Back Pain

The number of doctor visits from people with back pain has reached an all-time high. In fact, chronic or persistent cases make up eight percent or 16 million US adults. As you can imagine, this leaves many unable to do anything outside work due to its severe symptoms including constant aches and tightness throughout one's body. 

Most of the time, back pain results from bad or bent posture or improper lifting techniques. Athletes often develop the condition because they strain their muscles while doing heavy work such as weightlifting for hours on end with no break between sets. The same happens to older people who live inactive lives. In addition to these two common groups  of individuals having higher rates than average associated injuries, other susceptible populations include gamers, rowers, and golf enthusiasts.

There is a growing problem of back pain among teen video gamers. They spend 8+ hours every day sitting in front of their computer screens, which causes them to hunch over and put more stress on themselves than necessary for an extended period without taking breaks. The same can be said about office workers who sit almost exclusively throughout workdays.

Those who suffer from lower back pain and discomfort may be able to find relief by using the best percussion massager. You can look for techniques online on how to use one and workout accordingly to speed up muscle recovery and get back on track.

Choosing The Right Head Attachments

Before using percussion therapy massage guns, you must understand how it works to get the most out of it. When possible, practice deep breathing exercises before using a massage gun. You'll find that being uptight makes it difficult to relax and use this tool effectively- try taking some time out from work or other obligations just so your mind can calm down. After that, to get the most benefit from your massager, you should start by placing it on its lowest setting and then adjusting up if necessary. You can't always reach your lower back, so you may need to ask someone for help. Avoid making difficult twisting movements as this could make the pain worse.

Now that you know everything you need beforehand, it's time to start by choosing a suitable head attachment. An entire range of massage heads are available to you, making it easy for your specific needs. However, some are better at targeting certain muscles or areas on the body to provide health and physiotherapy benefits, so choose one carefully to get the best percussion massager treatment.

  • Pneumatic Head

Pneumatic head attachments are perfect for targeting smaller muscles, such as those in your neck. However, you can also use it to start the massage on your sore back.

  • Flat Head

For tough lower back muscles, try the flat head attachments of your handheld massage gun. The firm pressure will get you going on low settings before gradually increasing to higher ones as needed- this is great for preparing yourself before or following workouts.

  • Fork Head

Forkhead attachments are ideal for massaging the muscles on either side of your spine. You may need someone's assistance to use one, but they're perfect for various exercises.

  • Round Ball Head

The massage gun benefits are many since they come with head attachment for every muscle group. The large ball joints can be used on larger muscles, but if you want more pinpoint targeting of smaller groups, then choose the smaller ball.

  • Pointed Head

If you have trouble with knots of muscles, then it's time for a pointed head attachment. This must-have tool will make undoing them much easier.


Things To Check Before Buying A Massage Gun

When you're looking for the perfect lower back handheld massage gun, there are many things to consider. The type of pressure that it can produce and how portable your desired model will be should take up most if not all factors in deciding which one is right for you. 

  • Size

The dimensions of each massage gun can be important to consider, as they will determine how much coverage you get and if it is too big or small for your needs. It would help if you also thought about where exactly you are going to use this device before making a final decision.

  • Weight

Most handheld massage guns are heavy, and while this may not be an issue for short sessions or lightweight equipment, it can become quite tiring if you plan on using your own hand as support for the long term.

Massage guns come in many different weights, so it is important to find the right fit for you. The manufacturer's product description will contain information about weight, which could vary depending on what type of massage therapy treatments they want their customers to use or how heavy your specific needs may be.

  • Ease of Use

Your percussion therapy massage gun is more than just a tool for pressure application. It's also an essential component of your practice. Consider the various speeds with which you can work and how quickly they change depending on what part or area needs attention at any given time.

  • Smart App

There are massage guns that come with Bluetooth connectivity and applications for regulating speed and customizing settings to suit your needs perfectly. You can also choose from different programs depending on what you want to achieve from the session.

  • Power and Speed

The faster and more powerful your best percussion massager, the deeper it can penetrate into muscles. In addition, a high wattage device will give you better results in terms of intensity because there's less time needed for heating up before beginning to contact the skin. The result is that people who use these types often report being able to feel tight areas around their necks or shoulders loosen up quite quickly. This also means those using low-powered units might need several minutes just so everything gets warm enough. However, consider your muscular stability and strength before trying one out..

  • Vibration and Percussion

The deeper or intense you go, the better it feels. You can stimulate muscles in your lower back by choosing an appropriate and best budget massage gun that has a high amp-age. You should also take note if there are low or medium levels because they will provide less intense vibration but still sufficient pounding for most people's needs.

Where To Avoid Using A Massage Gun?

The handheld massage gun works wonders in relieving muscular discomfort and as an extra fitness boost. It's safe, but don't use them on your neck because of the risk of carotid dissection.

You should avoid using a massage gun in the following regions or circumstances:

  • Bony areas
  • Bruises or wounds
  • Severe discomfort
  • If suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc

Other than that, consult a physical therapist if you have chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, muscular dystrophy, or severe varicose veins.

Some Final Words

Have back pain? You might want to try anything that promises relief. The best bet for effective relief is with an electric massage gun which can provide strong enough deep tissue pressure on certain areas. Muscular or percussion therapy massage guns are one of many options out there for solving your problem and provide recovery healing; they work by applying pressure on specific points to ease sores, pains, and inflammation associated with sciatica down to Alzheimer's sufferers' problems. 

Still, while there are many massage tools out on the market that claim to be effective in relieving lower back pain, most only alleviate it briefly before resurfacing problems. Sure they may provide temporary relief, but this usually leads to worse conditions than what we started with.

The handheld massager gun - it'll make quick work scrubbing away any discomfort while also providing intense therapeutic massage treatments at home without ever needing to go to a spa or therapist session ever again. In short, the massage gun is a great way to relieve lower back pain and discomfort. The best thing you can do for yourself? Learning how to use this tool.

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