A Comprehensive Guide To Dealing With Itchy Skin After Massage

A Comprehensive Guide To Dealing With Itchy Skin After Massage

"Why does skin itch after a vibration massage?" is one of the most asked question concerning massage treatment. People undergoing massage therapy also worry about an itchy feeling after using a massage gun.

The venous system, made up of small and big veins within the muscles that convey blood back to the heart, is stimulated by vibration therapy. This is the itching sensation you're encountering.

Current research suggests that increased blood flow during and after a pulse massage gun usage 'wakes up' nerves around muscles that have been stretched beyond their usual range. This is especially true if you aren't used to exercising or massaging a specific body part.

Some people suffer skin itches after massage guns, although this is not common. It's caused by various factors, which aren't life-threatening, and it's typically relatively easy to fix.

Reasons For Itchy Skin After Massage Gun

  1. Vibratory Urticaria

    The cause of a skin itch after a massage gun could be vibratory urticaria. These are also known as (vibratory hives). It's a rash that appears red and itchy at the location of any vibration, including massage. Still, it can also occur while jogging, using a lawnmower, mountain biking, or using power tools. It's caused by histamine release from cells, and it's only temporary; successive vibrations typically bring it back.

    Vibratory urticaria appears minutes after exposure to a vibratory stimulus and typically lasts 1–2 hours. Itching, redness, and swelling are all limited to the stimulus location.

    The irritation and hives that follow are usually limited to the exposed areas. However, you can have a stronger or more widespread reaction in which the itching and hives spread throughout the body.

  2. Allergies

    A component of the massager or something it's cleaned with may produce an allergic reaction or irritating contact dermatitis if used directly on the skin and not through clothing. This usually develops after several usages and is treated with topical steroids.

    Another cause of massage gun making skin itch is a reaction to the massage oil or lotion that has been applied to the skin. Tree or groundnut materials are found in many massage lotions and oils. You could be allergic to the massage oil, and the irritation could make your skin itch.

  3. Pressure Hives

    Your skin gets itchy after a massage gun, and one reason could be the static electricity released by your massage gun during the massage stroke causes pressure urticaria.

    It occurs when itchy hives are triggered by sustained pressure on the skin, such as that caused by walking, sitting, wearing tight clothing (such as a sports bra) or training gear (such as a heart rate monitor), or anything else that causes sustained pressure, such as vibratory massage. Physical urticaria affects up to 5% of the population.

  4. Nerves Firing
    If there is no rash or redness, another possibility is that increased blood flow creates an increase in the size of the blood vessels, which may trigger nerves to fire, resulting in an itchy feeling. In addition, the vibrations may raise the warmth of the skin, causing itching. Because our skin is our most powerful sensory organ, it's understandable that certain people would have such a strong reaction.

  5. Muscle Spasms
    Tiny muscular spasms induced by high vibration levels are another source of an itchy skin sensation after a massage. In addition, the spasm might make the skin itchy after massage gun by affecting the surrounding nerves.

  6. Nitric Oxide In The Body

    In some people, the natural release of nitric oxide in the body caused by exercise and mechanical vibration might induce itching.


Can Increased Blood Flow After A Massage Cause Itching?

Why does vibration make you itch? This is a controversial subject and a widely asked question. However, the benefits of massage have been known for thousands of years. The physiological and psychological advantages are well-documented and widely acknowledged.

Although the 'increased blood flow' concept has merit, the amount of blood does not rise. As a result, itching caused by increased blood flow is deceiving.

The manipulation of deep tissues, which may not be used to moving as much, is more likely to cause an itch after a massage! 'Referred nerve feeling itching' occurs when the nerves around these deep tissues and muscles are activated.

Many athletes and gym-goers are familiar with the problem of a massage gun making skin itch. This could be the result of the brain confusing swollen capillaries for blood flow due to increased muscle demand during exercise or massage.


How To Treat Itchy Skin After Using Massage Gun

If you haven't found your answer to why massage guns make you itch, don't try to diagnose yourself. Instead, if you wish to use a massage gun, seek assistance from a physical therapist on using it effectively. Starting with the lowest vibration setting and gradually increasing the frequency over time. This may be sufficient to prevent a reaction.

If you suspect the lotion or oil is the cause of the problem, test it on a small skin patch before using it on your complete body. Instead of oils, you might want to acquire professional massage lotions ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Patients should discuss antihistamine use with their medical professional if the itching reaction is bothersome. Placing a shirt or cloth between the massage gun and your skin can also help reduce the response.

Finally, if the massage causes skin irritation and you still question why my skin itches after using the massager, discontinue immediately and seek medical help from your primary care physician. Also, stop using the device if the adverse effects outweigh the advantages or goals of the vibration therapy,


Massage Gun With Or Without Clothes?

If you're getting rashes and your skin is itchy after a massage gun, try using it through clothing to see if it helps. Although most people use them on their bare skin.

You don't have to worry about the massage being less beneficial because the vibrations will readily flow through your clothing. Thick clothing may slightly diminish the effects of a deep muscle tissue massage, but it's entirely acceptable to wear clothing if the purpose is to treat skin issues.

We have a simple remedy for you to reduce itching. Soak an old towel or a washcloth with warm water and place it on your skin to put a shirt between your massage guns to minimize reaction time. The towel will also aid in removing any leftover oils or residue that your hands or the massage guns may have left on your skin. Another factor to consider is the type of massage device you're utilizing.


How to Begin With Your Massage Gun's Lowest Vibration Setting

When it comes to starting with the lowest vibration setting on a massage gun, a typical question is if it will damage the sensitive components of the gadget. Therefore, it is critical that you only use the gun's lowest setting when rubbing your back, neck, or joints.

If you use lower settings, you're more likely to avoid being hit by the tiny particles of rubber that come with many high-end massage guns.

The rubber fragments are pretty small, but they can become stuck in the massage gun's nooks and crannies, causing pain and even fracture. When you first start with the massage gun, use the lowest vibration level to avoid a bad start to the day.


Electric Volt Massage Guns To Treat Itchy Skin

Do you itch after using your vibration machine? One of the most effective and safest ways to get rid of itchy skin is to use electric volt massage guns. This electric massaging is particularly useful for itchy skin because the vibrations stimulate blood flow, rejuvenating the affected area.

Vibration is so strong that it can penetrate the skin's upper layers. This means that the vibrations felt by the user will be much stronger.


How Can A Massage Gun Be Used Safely?

If used correctly, massage guns aren't harmful. Remember that muscles, not nerves, bones, joints, or tendons, are the targets of the massage gun. While it may seem evident, physicians recommend avoiding scabs, sores, malignant tumors, and recent bone fractures. People should also avoid utilizing the massage gun on any portion of their numb body.

Because the massage gun does all of the work for you, there's no need to press down hard on the muscle you're working on; doing so is more likely to inflict damage than to improve the massage.


Key Takeaway

People use massage guns regularly in most cases with little to no discomfort or concern. This means that you should be able to choose a massage gun and start using it right away. Any medical difficulties will, in most circumstances, be minor and will recover within a few days; nevertheless, caution is always suggested. It's always a good idea to consult with a doctor if you're unsure about using a massage gun or if you feel an itchy sensation with daily use.

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