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Why Won’t My Massage Gun Charge?

The massage gun is a high-quality, well-made device that can provide many benefits. However, there's always a risk with any electrical product. Extensive research is crucial for your safety and satisfaction if you purchase a massage gun. So make sure you have a thorough understanding of what the device offers and how to use it.  

Massage Gun Not Charging

It is like any other piece of equipment, and it's possible that something may go wrong. Issues like the massage machine gun not switching on, the battery not charging, suddenly shutting off, and noisy or blocked motors are common and may hinder your therapy session. 
Although these problems can happen in any device, the cheaper models or less known brands are likely to have them more often. On top of that, claiming the warranty or repairs is also a headache with these brands. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about these issues with your FBF guns. However, the way you use your massage gun can greatly impact its performance. 
Therefore, to make sure your FBF massage guns serve you well, here are a few reasons you may encounter performance issues. After clearing the air, you will have all the more purpose to choose an FBF massage gun

Massage Machine Gun Overheating

You may have noticed that your massage gun shuts off when it becomes too hot. This is because the electric motors in these devices can get very warm, which will cause them to stop working instantly if not cooled down quickly enough. The manufacturer's handbook provides information on how long you might use a single battery before needing another one. Also, some of the muscle vibrating guns shut off automatically when they should, and there are signs that will tell you how long before the unit overheats, so use it wisely.
Preventing overheating will avert any accidents or injuries from occurring due to continued exposure and guarantee your satisfaction with your handy massage gun.

Overcharging Your Muscle Massage Gun

Massage Gun Charging - Fully Charged Muscle Massage Gun

Another thing that can affect the performance of the massage gun is continuous charging. To avoid running into any hassle, try to charge the device after it's completely drained. If you want to know your particular device's maximum capacity and charging time, you can look for information in the box manual. Also, some devices have separate battery power and capability, found in the manual. On average, the maximum time to allow the unit to remain plugged in depends on its battery power and what model it is, but 30-60 minutes seems like a safe bet.


Massage Guns Connectivity Problems

Best Massage Guns - Massager Gun Connection Issue

Even the best budget massage guns can suffer from connection problems, to ensure that doesn't happen with you try to plug in your massage gun, hold down the power button for eight to ten seconds. If it still doesn't turn on then, there might be an issue with either too much pressure or lousy battery life, and it needs some troubleshooting steps before proceeding any further. So the first step to getting your massage gun working again is plugging it in correctly. After that, you need to check its charging and Charge It Up using a USB-A cord until it Flashes its LED, signifying that sufficient charge has been achieved. 

Issues with your Massage Gun Charger

Massage Gun Chargers - Affordable Massage Guns Online

Take good care of your athletic massage guns and their accessories. If you find a broken charger, don't hesitate to get it fixed as soon as possible. We recommend that all users read through our guide on caring for their new toy before using it. It will help to know what steps you need to take if something goes wrong with one (or more) chargers. Several things are beneficial at this point - from removing batteries to cleaning up any accidents during use. Always be sure to store them safely and keep them out of reach of children who might try playing "find my phone".


How Do I Fix My Charging Issue?

Fixing Massage Gun Issues - Deep Tissue Massage Gun Set

Some of the best budget massage guns come with high-quality gears and instructions on how to use them properly for a good lifespan. Still, accidents happen that you can't avoid, which can cause issues in charging as well. As a customer, it's frustrating when something goes wrong with the product. So to help you out, here we have two tips that will most probably resolve the issue and help you get the most out of your massage gun.
  • Check Warranty
Most massage guns have a one-year warranty period. This means you can get free repairs or replacements for products that break as long they're within the terms of this agreement. For example, a product's Break Due To Manufacturing or Material Defects will qualify for coverage under most circumstances. 
However, there are some exceptions, including accidents caused by user error—such as dropping it on its side- resulting in damages not covered through manufacturer warranties. Also, general wear and tear over time which cannot always effectively be addressed at home without professional help.
Moreover, the person who caused damage will also not be covered by their own product's protection plan, so make sure to check whether it's allowed before attempting any fix yourself.

  • Call Customer Service

The second thing that helps in this regard is getting in contact with the company or brand that you purchased your athletic massager gun from. Most companies offer a one-year warranty period, so if and when your message gun battery starts to die, contact customer care. The company will send you the correct replacement part so that it can be installed right away. After all, it's better to replace an old one with something new from a genuine store rather than settle for less quality equipment from third-party sellers who might not be as knowledgeable about these products.


Tips To Keep Your Massage Gun In Good Shape

Tips to Keep Massage Gun Functioning - Hammer Head Massage Gun

Even if you are using a high quality or high power massage gun, it may lose its efficiency at some point. It is expected because of continuous working on a regular basis. Also, the normal everyday wear and tear that can happen either due to repeated use or carrying can affect the shape and working of your massage gun. 
To elongate its life, here are a few quick tips for ease:

  • Keep your massage gun well-lubricated from the inside out, including its attachments and accessories - especially if it's making any noise. It will keep its movements smooth and allow it to function properly. 
  • To save any internal damage, keep your massage gun away from extreme heat or water. If you are traveling with it, make sure to use the carrying bag that comes with it. 
  • Always ensure that your muscle vibrating gun is clean and sanitized. For this purpose, use antibacterial wipes or a clean towel. Another thing to mention is to dry it properly before use. For the massage gun head, use sanitizer spray and air dry it.
  • If your massage gun runs into any trouble, avoid fixing it yourself. Instead, if you notice any strange behavior from your massagers, such as noises or unpredictable acts of obedience, then it's best to contact the manufacturer.


How To Charge Your Massage Gun?

How to Charge Your Muscle Massage Gun

One way to avoid damaging your massage gun is by making sure you charge it the right way. 
You should always use an electrical outlet that provides enough voltage and current capacity before plugging in any device, including guns. Here are some tips for charging a massager:
Connecting an adapter to your massage gun will allow you to give power from the battery compartment. This is usually at the base of the weapon but check for yourself before connecting it. Once connected, make sure all LEDs light up, and if they do, then great - Reconstruction has been successful. A red light indicates a low battery, while green means it's fully charged. 
Still, not all massage guns are the same, so it is better to read the manual of the device before working on the recommendations.



Final Words

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On top of the many reasons that you need a massage gun - it can be a great way to massage your muscles without having the bulk of an actual hand therapist. However, they are often prone to battery issues that need addressing in order for them to work efficiently- especially if you've had it longer than usual or used it heavily over time.
The solution may seem simple: charge up those batteries before giving out sessions again, but sometimes this isn't enough because there might already be something wrong at basecamp, which causes its power levels to decrease gradually until all signs point towards "no go."
You might think that following every little detail in the manual is enough to ensure your gun charges properly, but there are still chances of problems. There are a variety of reasons why your athletic massager gun might not be charging. We mentioned some in the article; another factor is when you've overworked it! Many models turn themselves off automatically, and this can cause an interruption with its charge until they cool down again also, if there's something wrong inside, like dirt clogging up around one or more vents which would prevent them from breathing properly while running.

For example, if you have old or damaged batteries, they may not work well with their charger and therefore won't charge at all even when fully charged; this can lead to an underperforming battery which will eventually cause failure within no time! Of course, it's always safer than sorry, so make sure any parts used during repairs come directly from either manufacturer or Amazon Prime - don't DIY.


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