How a Massage Gun Makes You a Better Poker Player

How a Massage Gun Makes You a Better Poker Player

We often talk about how a massage gun can help you prepare for and recover from physical activity. This is ultimately why these tools have in fact become so common within sports communities — with the NBA even making massagers available to players courtside during games! As much as massage guns help with sport and exercise though, they can also be useful with regard to more stationary or sedentary activities.

One interesting example of just such an activity is playing poker. This is a game that demands very little of players physically, but one in which players can still benefit from regular use of a massage gun in numerous ways.

Less Stress

When we’ve gone over reasons you need a massage gun in general, we’ve included the improvement of general wellbeing as an important point. This largely has to do with the relaxation of muscles and the easing of anxiety that comes from regular, targeted massages. And believe it or not, going into a poker game with less stress or anxiety on your shoulders can make a big difference! A stressed or anxious individual will be more likely to question decisions and worry about social pressures — both of which make it harder to navigate a game of poker. Good players are socially confident at the tables, and decisive in their actions.

Maintaining Calm

This is a somewhat similar point to that about playing without stress. But a general sense of calm or steadiness is also beneficial during a game. When you look into how people win at poker beyond skill, some of the most important points have to do with managing the ups and downs. Players need to remain level when they win or lose big hands, so as to maintain reasoned, strategic approaches. And as you’re likely aware, the use of a massage gun is quite calming. It soothes muscles and relieves tension, and can send you to the poker table feeling just the sort of steady sense of ease you need to manage the flow of the game.

A Counter to Sitting

It’s more or less a given that long sessions of sitting do the body very few favors. This is why counteracting sedentary work lifestyles has become such a major talking point in recent years, as well as why specific massage techniques have been developed in response to sitting-related ailments! The simple way to look at the issue though is that prolonged periods of sitting make joints stiff and muscles tight, and a little massage of any kind can offer relief. Particularly for serious poker players, any given game or tournament — even online — can mean hours of sitting. This leads to physical comfort, and a bit of time with a massage gun before and after (or even during a break) can help.

Less Fidgeting

It may not seem like a big deal, but fidgeting at the poker table can be a sign of poor play. Generally, associations with fidgeting include not paying attention, feeling uncomfortable, and feeling restless. Poker players may not think of all of this in literal terms, but they can certainly pick up on opponents’ negative or restless body language. In other words, if you’re fidgeting at the table, savvy opponents will pick up on the fact that you may be uncomfortable or that you may not be wholly engaged. Now, if those are also the causes of your fidgeting, a massage won’t necessarily help. That is, if you’re actually having trouble paying attention it’s not as much of a physical issue. Nonetheless, muscle massage in general can help people to fidget less, making this one more area in which a massage gun can help your poker game.

All of this speaks to how a poker player can benefit from a massage gun. More broadly though, it demonstrates that these wonderful devices have uses well beyond the realms of athletics and exercise.

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