Enjoy up to 18% commission on referred sales by being an active affiliate!

Connect. Refer. Earn Rewards!

You can be part of the Family by becoming a Recovapro Affiliate. And not only will you get discounts on all our top-notch products, but also revenue opportunities like commission bonuses.

Why Should You Become An Affiliate?
In Europe, the Recovapro brand is a leading provider of percussion massage devices. With free delivery on the next working day on all UK orders and up to 18% commission, your website visitors will likely convert into Percussion Massage gun buyers!

What Are The Conditions For Becoming An Affiliate?
The sole requirement is to have a blog or website, essentially a platform where you can refer your friends to the variety of products and deals we have.

How Much Could You Earn In Commission?
You could be earning up to 18% commission on validated sales that you push to our website, save for VAT and delivery charges.

How Soon Will You Recieve Your Commission After Making A Sale?
When you sell through our affiliate network partner, we can see which sales were sent to us by you, and you can get the commission within just 4 weeks of the sale.

What Are Affiliate Offers For Separate Guns?
  • The Pulse Gun proposes up to 10% commission.
  • The Volt Massage Gun offers up to 14% commission.
  • The Ultra Massage Gun proposes up to 14% commission.
  • The Hammer Massage Gun offers up to 18% commission.

What Are The Affiliate Offers For Guns In Bulk Quantity?
Each month, the commission on massage guns in bulk quantity increases depending on monthly sales and overall sales revenue.


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