Is Percussion Therapy Good For You?

Is Percussion Therapy Good For Recovery & Healing?

One of the biggest fitness fads of the twenty-first century is massage guns, as the immense benefits convince more and more people of at-home physical therapy equipment. The market for FBF Massage Guns is expected to grow by 9.8% by 2027. 

Before you decide to buy the best percussion massager for yourself from  Muscle Massage Guns websites, you need to understand how percussion therapy works and how it can benefit casual users and professional athletes.


What is percussion therapy exactly?
What is Percussive Therapy

Percussion therapy has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years. It has become a notable trend in home health and workout recovery, but it is more than a trend and has enabled people to live healthy lives. Percussion therapy can help to relieve or prevent muscle tension caused by exercise. Percussion therapy uses a massage gun instead of a massage therapist's hands. A massage gun on the affected areas relieves muscle tension and soreness in this therapy.


How does it work?
Percussive Therapy Pressure Helps Muscles

Rapid bursts of pressure are delivered by the massage cannon into the body's tissues. Muscle knots, the most prevalent source of back and shoulder pain, are relieved by this action. It can also penetrate deeper muscle tissues providing targeted myofascial release than a foam roller or human hands.


9 Benefits How Percussion Therapy Helps In Healing

  1. It Decreases Muscle Pain

    It Helps Reduces Muscle Pain

    Massage guns are famous for their healing benefits. Percussion massage therapy may bring hope to the millions of people throughout the world who suffer from chronic pain due to their old age or some kind of illness or disability. FBF Massage Guns aid gym-goers and athletes by reducing post-workout cramps and muscle soreness, allowing the body to repair and recover more quickly. Top-class athletes also recommend it as a pre-competition warm-up. Percussive therapy can provide high-frequency stimulations that might block or disguise pain, according to the makers of the Best Muscle Massage Guns.

  2. It improves Athletic Performance

    Percussive Therapy Improves Athleticism

    The common and proven percussive therapy benefit is that it helps sports people improve their athletic performance. If you are into sports and want to take your performance to the next level, you should invest in a good percussion massage device. A number of martial arts experts also agree that percussive therapy works aggressively deep into the muscles, increases blood circulation, and speeds up the distribution of oxygen in the blood, especially in the area where the massage guns are applied.

  3. It Helps Prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

    Helps With DOMS

    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness occurs when the body muscles are stressed beyond the usual limit during physical activity. After a physical workout, DOMS might last anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Among the list of percussion therapy benefits, a significant advantage is that it helps with DOMS. You can lessen muscular discomfort and assist muscle recovery by using the massage gun on the muscles engaged during the workout. A research published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research in 2014 found that percussion therapy is proven to strengthen the muscles, enhance power development and improve kinesthetic awareness. According to the researchers, it also "significantly enhances muscle performance, which may help to prevent DOMS.” By using a massage gun for the percussive treatment, tight muscles are relaxed, and soreness in the muscles is significantly reduced. It is also known to disrupt the pain signals sent from the brain to the body, as a result of which the pain perception of the body is also minimized.

  4. It Improves Muscle Flexibility

    Improves Muscle Flexibility

    There are numerous strategies to increase the flexibility of your body muscles. Yoga, dancing, and exercising are some of the examples to help you get a flexible body. An important percussive massager benefit you need to know is that it can help you flex more easily. According to recent research conducted by the Institute of Human Movement Science in Austria, massager guns can improve range of motion. The effects of a five-minute treatment with a Hypervolt gun massager on the calf muscles were studied by a group of researchers. The five-minute massage boosted the range of motion in the calf, prompting them to propose it as a method for improving athletes' flexibility. It gives you a gentle stretch, which improves your flexibility, performance, and physical responsiveness.

  5. It Allows For Improved Lymphatic Flow

    Better Lymphatic Flow

    The lymphatic system will drain better if there are less muscular knots and tension. The body can effectively eliminate poisons and waste when the lymph circulates freely. A healthier immune system and increased metabolism result from a better lymphatic system. Percussion massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow. The stimulation of nerve receptors causes blood vessels to expand, allowing more blood to flow through them. The direct mechanical effect of percussion massage's rhythmical pressure and movement can drastically enhance blood flow. Improved circulation helps flush lactic acid out of the muscles, which can help with soreness, especially after an exercise. Improved circulation also aids in the transfer of nutrients and the removal of harmful wastes from muscle tissues.

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  6. It Assists In The Breakdown Of Scar Tissue

    Helps With Scar Tissues

    Fibrous tissue occurs between soft tissues like muscle and organs due to injury or surgery. If left untreated, they can turn into your trigger points. Targeted myofascial release, which elongates muscle fibers and stretches fascia to break down scar tissue caused by injury or surgery, is performed with a percussive massager. Because the flexibility of scar tissue is lower than that of the body's native muscle tissues, it can become exceedingly limiting. Percussion massage aids in the reduction of pain, the expansion of the range of motion, and the relief of restrictions.

  7. At-Home Therapy Saves Time And Money

    It Saves Time & Money

    A very attractive benefit of percussion massage is that you can get it in the comfort of your own house. The best percussion massager lets you get chest percussion therapy or percussion lung therapy without going outside so that you can save your precious time. Because you won't have to travel to have this massage, you'll save money on gas and reduce your carbon footprint to help the environment. At-home massage treatments allow you to experiment with the massaging gun to see what works best for you. Both vibrational massagers and percussive massagers are handy and can be used for experimentation. It's also excellent if you're looking for a massage gift for someone special because of its convenience. Massage guns are ideal for a post-workout recovery regimen at the gym because they're also portable.

  8. It Improves Sleep

    Massage Therapy Improves Sleep

    There is a link between sleep deprivation and obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatigue, poor concentration, and even dementia in studies. It is critical to get adequate sleep because it is beneficial to your overall health. Massages have been shown to improve the quality and duration of sleep in general. Muscle relaxation reduces tension and anxiety by calming the mind and body, which can affect sleep quality. A percussive massage relieves stress and anxiety. When used correctly, a percussive massager can help down-regulate the nervous system, resulting in a peaceful and relaxing impact that can assist you in winding down. The soreness in your muscles will be relieved when you massage them deeply, the pain will eventually be gone, and you will have better blood circulation and a better night's sleep. Percussion massage's action on the central nervous system promotes deep restorative sleep, during which the body repairs itself. An improvement in health and energy can lead to better sleep.

  9. It Aids In The Prevention Of Injuries

    Helps With Injuries

     Percussion massage can not only help you heal faster from an injury, but it can also help you avoid becoming injured. The reason is simple. You’ll be able to create more muscle strength in your exercises by combining a better warm-up and recovery strategy, which has been shown to reduce the risk of injury.


Can You Use Percussion Massagers?
Can You Use Percussive Massage Guns

Almost anyone can enjoy percussion massage benefits. There are, however, several instances in which a massage gun should be avoided. Avoid using a hammer massage gun if you have any serious health concerns or injuries, as it can aggravate them and create greater discomfort. However, FBF Volt Massage Guns are highly safe in almost all cases.


Key takeaway

Percussive Therapy With Massage Gun


Recent research has shown Percussion therapy to be up to 30-times more effective than a typical massage in treating muscle fibers. Percussion therapy helps balance and tone a target muscle group while easing tension and lowering physical stress on the bones and joints.

The benefits of massage therapy can only be achieved when you apply a massage gun to small, targeted areas in short bursts. Overstimulation may nullify the benefits of the massage gun, so limit treatments to a few minutes at a time. Thus, it should be used with caution, expertise, and consent from a health practitioner, just like any other tool.

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